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We automate disinfection using smart robots to make hospital-grade decontamination faster, safer, and digitally auditable – helping to fight hospital-acquired infections while reducing the use of chemicals. Hospital-acquired infections kill 72,000 persons each year, with a cost of more than 45B$/yr - just in the US.

We solve real problems for society with mobile service robots: intelligent algorithms packed within affordable hardware platforms. Robots for good. We work globally and are based in Delft, The Netherlands.

Our Core Technologies


Where am I? Our technology combines information from multiple sensors to make sure that our robots always know where they are on a given map.


How do I get there? With our map-based technology, our robots will find the best way to reach their destination.


Constantly learning! Powered by AI and Computer Vision, our robots are constantly learning how to see the world better, how to improve decisions and adapt to changing environments.


Looking out and looking in! Our safety technology makes sure that our robots will move to their desired location without colliding with static or dynamic obstacles on their way.
CEO of Elastic Themes
Faster, safer, and automated disinfection without the use of chemicals or biocides with SAM-UVC. Save time and money while reducing your environmental footprint with our revolutionary disinfection robot.

Our robots autonomously deactivate viruses and bacteria

Hospital acquired infections is killing 72,000 persons each year, with a cost of more than 45B$/yr - just in the US – and this was before the pandemic! We automate disinfection using robotics to make hospital grade disinfection faster, safer and digitally auditable – keeping our healthcare facilities safe while drastically reducing the use of chemicals.

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Superhuman tools.
Robots. For humans.

Mobile robots operating in unstructured environments is a hard problem, worth solving. Technology is a tool that makes life better for everyone. We see mobile robots as powerful tools - superhuman in fact - but we build them for you, to help you.

Per Slycke
CEO & CO-founder of LOOP ROBOTS
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Per Slycke
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