Let's have fun and...

Let's build robots together!

We solve real problems for society with mobile service robots: intelligent algorithms packed within affordable hardware platforms. Robots for good. We work globally and are based in Delft, The Netherlands. We consider hiring remote in Europe for exceptional talent (you need an EU work permit).

Student? Come learn from us!

We only build things that people want and use. So, if you want to learn from the best, how to build real robots, get in touch for your internship or thesis project. If you feel you have talent, don't hesitate to contact us, but please be prepared, give us some convincing background data and motivation!

Internship - Content Creation

Wil jij graag bijdragen aan veiligere ziekenhuizen en een duurzamere wereld? Dan hebben wij een unieke kans voor een talent zoals jij!

Per direct zijn wij op zoek naar een enthousiaste Content Creation & Customer Success Stagiair voor in ons Marketing en Customer Success team.

Internship - Customer Development

We have a unique opportunity for exceptional talent to join our Sales & Marketing team. Your role will be a combination of Partnership Development, Content Creation, Automating our Lead Generation process, Market Research, and Supporting Demonstrations with SAM in Hospitals. Next to that, you are more than welcome to challenge and improve our current Sales & Marketing process.

Internship - Sensor Fusion Navigation

Work with ROS and develop tightly coupled sensor fusion models for localization (SLAM) and state detection, error detection. Computer vision, 3D RGBD cameras, inertial sensors, odometer, LIDAR, ultrasonic sensors and more! Sound exciting? Love Bayesian statistics, moving horizon estimation and SLAM? Get in touch.

Internship - Full-stack web app development

As a full-stack Frontend Developer, you will develop web-based applications that make interacting with robots an easy-to-use and delightful experience. Deal with video, 3D data and visualization, Angular, NodeJS and more. Sound exciting? Get in touch.

Internship - Robot Machine Learning

Work on the development of perception-enabled intelligence on our cool mobile robots. Design and implement perception systems that expand our robot's ability to understand the world around it and perform useful tasks. Work with 3D RBGD cameras as well as multiple 2D cameras to extract the information we need. Sound exciting? Get in touch.